All of our Fluxwood linear pendants (including our Tenn, Tenn Up, Umber, Talli, Spru, Roller, Fluted Roller and Arc pendants) and wall lights are compatible with Bluetooth dimming, giving you convenience and customisation.

Casambi bluetooth dimming software pros

Our preferred brand is the Casambi dimming software supplied through a free smartphone app (downloadable here for Apple and Android). The Casambi dimming software for smart LED lighting gives you control over the brightness and/or colour temperature of your light fitting (depending on the options chosen – chat to us about customising your Fluxwood Lighting). It also allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth lights to the control system, giving you whole-house lighting control from your phone or tablet. Keep in mind most light fittings with bluetooth control will likely work with the Casambi software, though be mindful of any compatibility.

Another feature of the Casambi smart lighting software is lighting scenes based on a timer. With a little bit of programming, you can set up multiple scenes for day and night to create customisable ambience and ultimate functionality. Motion sensors can also be added easily to the system, speak to your electrician about this option. We reccomend watching a few videos to understand the Casambi experience:

Here are further demonstrations for scene customisation:

Easy dimming with Bluetooth Smart Lighting LED

For basic, single colour LED Bluetooth control we use the Casambi Module CBU-ASD. Upon requesting Bluetooth control this small module comes connected to the supplied compatible driver, housed in the ceiling. We are happy to help with your instatllation details if you unsure, and will always check these details before proceeding with your order. 

The controls on the Casambi app will allow you to turn the light on and off, as well as adjust the overall lighting brightness with a slider bar. You can also have pre-set dimming levels so when a light first turns on, it’s automatically at your desired brightness level.

Changing the LED Colour Temperature with Bluetooth

Another powerful possibility for Bluetooth dimming is adjusting the colour temperature of an LED. This is often referred to as Colour Tuning, CCT Adjustment or Dim-to-Warm lighting. This gives you the ability to control a light source’s colour temperature output (for example, cool versus warm lighting). For this control we use the Casambi module CBU–PWM4. Here are some common FAQs. 

What are the benefits of being able to adjust your lighting colour temperature? 

Lighting can greatly impact our mood, productivity and overall health. Adjusting your pendant to a higher colour temperature will provide “cooler” light during the day – this can help you feel more alert and awake. During early mornings or later in the evening you can adjust the pendant to a “warmer”, low-intensity ambient light to promote rest and relaxation. Having the ability to cool down or warm up your lighting will also help you to cater a space to different needs and personal preferences: nobody wants an evening dinner party under stark hospital lights!

What’s better, 2700 vs 3000 kelvin?

Warm light at around 2700 to 3000 kelvin (K) is common in most homes. Typically we find that 3000K is by far the most popular colour temperature as it’s a balance between “warm” and “cool” lighting. If you are visually happy with the ambience of your current lighting, you can check the temperature and set your new pendant accordingly. 

Is there a one size fits all colour temperature that’s recommended for different rooms in the house?

Colour temperature can be personal, but we’ve written this blog on choosing the perfect colour temperature for different rooms in your home. The benefits of having smart lighting LED is that you can trial different colour temperatures at different times of day to find what you like best for different areas and rooms.

Installation and Setup of your LED smart lighting

Many aspects of the bluetooth system are intuitive and set up within the App itself (including the creative lighting scenes and timers). However, all of the core setup and configuration is typically done by an electrician when your new timber lighting is installed. We recommend mentioning that your lighting has Bluetooth control to ensure your electrician is familiar with these systems.

Whether you’re sold on colour adjustable LED or have a few questions, we encourage you to get in touch. Simply contact us for a quote or get in touch with any questions, we are always happy to help.