Our range of solid timber LED linear pendants are available with a variety of customisable finishes, giving you the ability to perfectly design, style and light your interior space.

Our customisable linear pendants allow you to select many bespoke details. This easy-to-follow guide breaks down all the different points of consideration when ordering your bespoke lighting.

Timber Species

Our lighting range is available in a variety of solid hardwood timbers. Our 4 timber species are;

  • Victorian Ash
  • Spotted Gum
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • White Oak

We have also crafted our pendants in New Guinea Rosewood, Teak, Jarrah, Messmate, Blackbutt, and Blackbean to suit custom projects and subject to availability are able to source other custom timbers on request. Read more about our timber species here or if you would like to see one of the timber species in-person, just contact us to request a sample!

Please contact us if you are after a particular timber or finish for your project, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Pendant Length

Our timber LED linear pendants are available in set lengths ranging from 900mm to 3000mm. We are also able to craft custom pendant lengths in increments of 100mm. If you are hanging your pendant over a dining table or kitchen island, we recommend having an inset of approximately 200mm to 400mm on each side – so if your bench is 3000mm, then a pendant length between 2200mm and 2600mm would be suitable.

If you are unsure and would like some support choosing the appropriate length for your project, send us your measurements, an image, or render of your kitchen and we can provide guidance on the best pendant length for you.

Cable & Rod Options

Our LED linear pendants are suspended on 2.6mm conductive coax cable. Most pendants will be suspended on 2 cables, but pendants 2.8m and 3.0m long will have 3 suspensions unless otherwise requested. Our cable colour is available in Silver, Black or White. The coax cable is both an electrical cable and a suspension cable which means our pendants don’t require the additional thick power cable that detracts from the overall appearance of the pendant.

If you are wanting a rigid pendant option for a windy area, or just for an aesthetic reason, most of our linear pendants can be suspended on an 8mm to 10mm brass rod. You can keep this rod solid brass, or it can be powder coated in practically any custom colour, with white and black still the most popular choices.

Suspension Drop Length

Pendants suspended over a dining table or kitchen island should sit between 800mm and 1000mm above the surface you are lighting. Most of our LED linear pendants, like our Tenn and Hollow designs, are suspended on a 2.6mm conductive coax cable which is easily adjustable onsite with excess cable fed into the ceiling.

What cable length do I need?
To calculate your drop height you will need to know your ceiling height. Simply start with your ceiling height and deduct your bench height (usually 900mm), plus the 800mm allowance for the standard distance over your bench. For example, an average ceiling height of 2400mm would be 2400 – 900 – 800 which equals 700mm. For this math we would keep it easy and make the drop length 1000mm. This will allow you to have some safety for the installation. We also provide half a meter extra as a safety measurement as well.

How do I adjust the cable?
You can easily adjust the pendant height up or down to suit your preference. Pendants which are suspended on cable can be easily adjusted at the ceiling plate with our adjustable gripper system.

Can I adjust a rod drop?
No, pendants that are suspended on an 8mm or 10mm rod will need an exact drop height upon ordering as this is not adjustable. It is best to consider your space holistically and choose a drop height that will suit.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is indicated in a unit called Kelvin (K). A low colour temperature creates a warm and inviting lighting effect, while a high colour temperature creates a cool, more energising effect. Generally, intimate spaces like dining areas and living rooms lend themselves to warmer colour temperatures (2700K-3000K), while office spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms are a bit cooler (3000K-4000K) to give the feeling of cleanliness and activity.

Our pendants are available in 2700K Warm White, 3000K Bright White, or 4000K Cool White, and we can also offer bespoke colour temperatures on request. For a happy medium, we recommend 3000K, which tends to work well in most environments and is the most popular choice for our pendants. We recommend consulting your architect, builder, interior designer or lighting designer if you are unsure of the right choice for your home. If you have other light fixtures in a space, be sure to match all of your colour temperatures to create a cohesive mood.

For further details please read our blog post here which features more visual examples.

Gripper Colour

For our LED timber lighting pendants, the cable gripper is the component which holds the coax cable to the timber pendant. We have designed this component to be a nice feature that can be customised to suit any surrounding finishes. Our standard gripper choices are;

  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass
  • Solid Copper
  • Eucalyptus
  • Custom Powdercoat


Ceiling Plates Sizes and Colours for Pendants

Ceiling Plate Options

We have three sizes of ceiling plates that suit different installation types and aesthetics. Please download our mounting options pdf. which details the specifications of each ceiling plate with installation instructions.

Some factors that need to be considered when choosing your ceiling plate are whether or not you will have access to your ceiling and what material your ceiling plate is being installed into.

All of the Fluxwood Lighting pendants must be installed by a registered electrician, so if you are unsure regarding your required ceiling plate you can confirm this with your electrician.

If you’d like more information or would like to place an order for one of our linear timber pendant designs today contact us or call us directly on 0449 760 850.