Dulux Colour Forecast 2023

As we are fast approaching the end of 2022, we start to take a close look on what the Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 will look like. Offering a custom approach to some of our designs, enable our clients to participate in the design process and to choose the right colour to suit their space. With our Sconce Sibling Wall Light and our Sibling Pendant, we offer a Custom Powder coating option to match our solid timber options.

Sibling Sconce, Fluxwood Lighting
(Shade Powdercoated in Dulux Pale Eucalypt)

Connection & Balance

2023 Trend is all about Connection & Balance of colours, lots of Earthy tones to renew our connections through sustainability, authenticity and meaning. Emerging from challenging times we revive our spirits through joy and creativity.

A home with a connection to the outdoors has become vital to our wellbeing, and designing a place that provides calm & comfort has never been more important.

Our Sibling Pendant in Dulux Duralloy – Territory Red, included as one of the 2023 Colours Trends, is a popular choice by our clients, as it creates an earthy palette when connected with soft warm neutrals and the use of timber representing a connection to nature.

Our selection of coloured cables are also a great way to create and add an accent colour to the Sibling Pendant, featuring a textured finish in a range of colour options.

 Sibling Pendant, Fluxwood Lighting
(Shade Powdercoated in Dulux Territory Red Matt)

Revive Colour Palette by Dulux

The Revive palette is creative and joyful, featuring soft blue and lilac used alongside vibrant emerald green, warm yellow and accents of playful pink and purple.

‘Pairing retro influences with futuristic features, such as pixel patterns and digital art, the Revive palette cleverly merges the past and present. And with its colourful ‘look-at-me’ accent walls and statement seating, it creates the perfect Instagrammable moment,’ says Andrea, Dulux Colour and Communication manager.

Colourful Living Room | Featured image for Dulux Colours Forecast 2023 | Blog

Balance Colour Palette
by Dulux

Luxe textures like velvet and silk, furniture with exaggerated, curved silhouettes, abstract art, and décor pieces with organic shapes and delicate pleating complete the look.

‘Balance is very much inspired by a ‘less is more’ philosophy, with minimal detailing and a restrained approach to decorating. Instead, the focus is on immersive colour and the beauty of complex, structured patterns found in nature, such as a simple seashell or fern frond,’ Andrea says.

Balance features serene marine blues and gentle greens in a calming palette for anyone seeking a simple, but sophisticated, aesthetic. Coastline-inspired colours such as Dulux Kimberley Sea and Dulux Nephrite are paired with the richness of Dulux Deep Garnet in a combination that is perfect to elevate inner-city apartments or terrace homes.

Colourful Kitchen | Featured image for Dulux Colours Forecast 2023 | Blog

Colourful Stairs | Featured image for Dulux Colours Forecast 2023 | Blog

Connect Colour Palette
by Dulux

As nature continues to inspire trends, Connect focuses on bringing the rich colours of the great outdoors inside our homes. Featuring earthy tones of moss, wasabi, sandstone, cinnamon, muddied yellow-green and burnt charcoal, the palette references actives like hiking, cooking, quilting, and gardening. It combines classics like Dulux Whisper White with warmer pops of colour such as Dulux Bongo Skin and Dulux Basset Brown as inviting feature walls.

‘Muddied yellow-green has something of a nostalgic, country-house feel, cinnamon is grounding, whilst rich, purple-brown adds an indulgent and contemporary twist,’ Andrea adds.

The palette is complimented with simple furniture in natural materials like timber, leather and rattan, alongside stone flooring and bespoke, modern lighting made from recycled materials for a rustic and cosy look.

Colourful Dining Area | Featured image for Dulux Colours Forecast 2023 | Blog

Contact Us for Colour Options!

If you would like see all shades of Dulux Powder Coating options, please visit this link. You can order up to 5 samples free of charge directly from the Dulux website.

Once you have chosen your preferred colour, please get in touch and we can get you custom light under way. For more information, visit our designer lighting website to see our range of lights and how you can customise our products to suit your space.


Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 – Photographs: Lisa Cohen. Stylist: Bree Leech.
For further reading visit: www.dulux.com.au/colour/colour-trends/2023