The dichotomous worlds of fine lighting and solid timber unite in each of these striking handcrafted pendants.

Words by Tanisha Angel

Featured image above: Keck Haus by Polina Radchenko and Benjamin Walters | Featuring our Hollow Pendant

An emphasis on thoughtful design and a commitment to local manufacturing has cemented Fluxwood Lighting as a manufacturer to watch. The brainchild of designer Shari Lyon, Fluxwood Lighting launched five years ago with the intention of working in tandem with Shari’s father’s business, Currumbin Woodworks, which has been producing high-end solid timber furniture for well over three decades.

With a finely honed background in timber furniture and an eye for beautiful design, Shari created Fluxwood Lighting to fill the gap in the market for finely handcrafted lighting while celebrating the use of fine solid timber in the Australian market. All products are designed and manufactured in Australia and adhere to the highest standards of quality, with each Fluxwood Lighting design finely attuned to the idiosyncratic desires of the local market.

Each Fluxwood Lighting creation places sustainably sourced solid timber at its forefront, highlighting the uniqueness of every piece of the material. Taking on a distinctly contemporary tone, Fluxwood Lighting products are an apt fit in residential and commercial spaces alike. With endless customisation options available, Fluxwood Lighting products are favoured by architects and interior designers, with the ability to collaborate on the perfect accent light to match any interior – the finishes, stains, and colours can be customised for both timber and metal components.

Kitchen Install of the Tenn Linear Pendant in White Oak


Deriving its name from the 10-degree taper of its timber body, Tenn is a contemporary pendant light that acts as an ideal form of task lighting for kitchen islands and dining tables. Available in lengths up to three metres, Tenn is crafted from bespoke hardwood timbers and can be customised to match existing furniture and joinery. Its sleek form is both eye-catching and innocuous, with its streamlined nature allowing the Tenn to seamlessly fit into modern kitchens and living rooms.

Sibling Sconce

The Sibling Sconce sees timber and metal coexist in harmony. Simple in its form yet striking in its execution, the Sibling Sconce features a conical metal shade held by curved solid timber. Available in a multitude of powder-coated shades as well as in solid brass, natural brass, and slate-coloured patinated brass, there’s a finish for both maximalist and classic interiors.

Roller Pendant Tasmanian Blackwood in the Workshop


Taking on a soothing cylindrical form, the Roller pendant features a solid lacquered timber body bookended by statement caps and grippers, each available in a variety of finishes. A labour-intensive process, each Roller pendant is precisely machined before being hand-sanded and lacquered, and then fitted with high-quality lighting components and wired with Fluxwood Lighting’s custom-made grippers and cable system. The resultant product is both seamless and timeless, imbuing spaces with a sense of effortless glamour.

Mighty Lampholder

Quirky in its simplicity, the Mighty Lampholder takes lighting back to basics. The ideal accompaniment to one of Fluxwood Lighting’s linear pieces (such as the Roller or Tenn) or hung in multiples for a cluster design, the Mighty Lampholder can be used to create ambient lighting in living and sleeping spaces.


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