Explore a number of bespoke kitchen designs and layout inspiration, including a project with Bronwyn Labagnara from Hannah & Co Design.

Kitchens are the heartbeat of the home. No longer just a space to throw together a midweek meal, the kitchen has become an extension of the dining room complete with its own lighting, mood, atmosphere and purpose. It’s no secret that we’ll take any opportunity to highlight and celebrate the warmth and versatility of timber here at Fluxwood, so here’s four kitchen projects we’ve completed alongside some of Australia’s leading designers to inspire your kitchen designs and layout.


Timber kitchen ideas: The Kingfisher House Project with Hannah & Co Design

Light, bright, airy and oh-so sustainable, the Kingfisher House project led by Bronwyn Labagnara of Hannah & Co Design is the epitome of utilising timber in a kitchen in a refined and cohesive way.

“The detailing and finish Fluxwood achieved with this pendant means it is a really special piece in the space”

Featuring our Tenn Linear Pendant in Spotted Gum, Bronwyn says, “The Tenn pendant by Fluxwood was the perfect fit for my Kingfisher House project. With timbers locally sourced within Australia, Fluxwood delivered on the sustainable credentials of the project and the concept I had of supporting local artisans. I wanted a very bespoke look and the extra details that I could choose for the Tenn meant it was a perfect fit for the finishes in the home”.


Achieve the look:

Tenn Linear pendant for elegant, clean lines above the kitchen bench 

Opt for similar shades of blonde timber to create a cohesive, refined look that still feels welcoming and natural 

Explore finishes that will create harmony between the natural timber materials and your final colour palette.

Contemporary interior kitchen with a kitchen island, timber lighting feature and white cabinetry

The Kira House – Curves & Statement Timber Light Fixtures

Repeating shades and shapes is an impactful approach to kitchen designs and layout. The Kira House project is a beautiful example of tying fixtures in with cabinetry to create a statement, rather than relying on a single focal point such as a unique island bench or decorative backsplash.


Replicate the look:

Tasmanian Blackwood was used to create the Tenn linear timber light fixture, which complements the rich Walnut cabinetry and kitchen island 

Curves add interest to the wall panelling and cabinetry and this shape is replicated through the curved taper of the Tenn Pendant, on the kitchen island, kitchen bench design, dining table and dining chairs 

By intentionally replicating these two elements, the entire kitchen becomes a stylish, unique statement

Bright yet warm timber kitchen ideas with Cantilever Kitchens

The Cantilever Kitchens project proves that there’s no need to reinvent the styling wheel to achieve a beautiful and balanced kitchen design and layout. Featuring our Tenn Pendant in Spotted Gum, a custom long-length size of 2.2m was selected to perfectly match the kitchen island design.

Find simplicity in your space:

Start with a muted, white canvas for the wall and ceiling. This will allow your natural light sources to bounce around the space and make it open and inviting 

Add natural timber features and fixtures for grain and warmth, without detracting from the minimal atmosphere.


Mid Century elegance at the Castlecrag Residence

In this project, timber is richly celebrated with walnut cabinetry, a timber light fixture (our Tenn Pendant in Spotted Gym with black cables and ceiling details) and carefully placed LED lighting to reinforce the warmth and ambience. The use of our Tenn Pendant ties in with the integrated LED strip lighting used in the recessed timber shelving and above the kitchen work area to create harmony.

Ready to elevate your space?

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