Whitewash timber

Colour Matching Timber to Your Interior

Picking A Natural Solid Timber Species

If you thinking about purchasing a Linear Timber Pendant for a Kitchen Island (or any area in your home) we have the ability to colour match to benchtops, floorboards or other timber or colour details. We often get requests to match Laminex or Polytech samples. Our first preference is to find a Natural Hardwood Species with the best grain, colour and tone match. Our standard timber species are Spotted Gum, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Blackwood and White Oak. You can read more about our timber species here. Beyond these we can also work with other unique timber species. As our workshop works with other timbers, we may be able to find a good match, otherwise we will contact our suppliers and hopefully find a suitable piece for your pendant. If you are looking to match a very specific colour, then another option is to apply a timber stain to alter the timber colour.
Image of scaled timber
Whitewash timber

Custom Colour Finishes on Solid Timber

Above are some examples of an altered ‘Whitewash’ finish to achieve a close colour match to the provided samples. To achieve the best results it is helpful if we have a good physical reference sample to match to. We mix our colours by hand by working with a series of primary colours, added to either a white or clear base lacquer. It is a slow and experimental process, as each colour is different and the final result will also vary depending on the timber surface it is being applied to.
Given enough time, we can mix a test colour and post you with a physical sample to approve. If this is not required, a few decent photos should be enough to show you the colour match. Below is an install of a Hollow Pendant which was colour matched to a the cabinetry behind. Photo by @keck_haus.
If your thinking about colour matching a pendant or would like some more information, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your ideas.
Lighting timber Colour matching with kitchen

Black Timber Finish

Another popular request is a Black Timber appearance, which we achieve with a black timber stain. The timber species will effect the final results, and we recommend White Oak which has an open grain, letting the timber grain show through the black stain. Below is a photo of Bureau with this finish.
Bespoke Black Whiteoak lighting
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