Fluxwood is a Gold Coast based lighting design studio specialising in unique commercial lighting made from solid timber. We offer a range of locally designed and made lighting for the commercial market as well as bespoke design & manufacture for interior and architectural solutions. All of our lighting is produced by local manufacturers on the Gold Coast, QLD. 

Fluxwood is inspired by the beauty of timber and our local natural environment. We are driven by the importance of sustainable design and high quality craftsmanship, and use Australian Hardwoods from renewable and ethical sources.



Our timber work is made by Currumbin Woodworks - Custom furniture builders operating for over 30 years in Currumbin, QLD. Our lighting is designed and optimised to be built from short and thin stock of timber - beautiful pieces of hardwoods that often get overlooked in the workshop as they are not practical to be made into large panels for furniture. By utilising underused stock, we reduce the amount of new timber being purchased and really make the most of the valuable resources we have available.

Solid timber is a beautiful natural resource which when sourced and managed responsibly, can be one of the worlds most renewable and environmentally friendly materials. We are passionate about using timber in a thoughtful and sustainable way. All solid timber is sourced from sustainably farmed forests from Australia, NZ and Abroad. We use natural oil based or turpentine based finishes and never use MDF or manufactured board in our lighting.